Living in The County

‌We embrace ‘local’ and our entrepreneurial spirit

Prince Edward County is, and will always be, a friendly and rural community characterized by its people. County residents are here to live and be immersed in the opportunities this region provides. They come from all walks of life. They see a natural wonder and a way of life that’s authentic, rewarding and unpretentious; a growing hub of creativity and innovation and a great place in which to work and do business.

Full-time Population

The population in Prince Edward County has traditionally experienced slow, steady growth in all ranges. The full-time population is expected to increase to: 34,755 by 2032 | 39,850 by 2052 | 43,560 by 2062.

Over this forecast period, population and housing growth will shift from the rural area to more urban areas. This growth will be predominantly felt in Wellington and Picton as these communities are expected to account for 51% and 23% respectively in projected new housing growth.

In the last census period from 2006 to 2011, there were above average increases in the 50+ age category and this reflects the community’s attractiveness to seniors and retirees. The rise in this demographic will foster growth in the following sectors: Health Care, Personal Services, Food/Wine, Arts and Culture.

The chart provides information on average household income along with the average dwelling value for Prince Edward County. The County’s estimated 2012 average gross household income of $77,066 is higher than nearby Belleville and Quinte West’s $69,041, while Prince Edward County’s average cost of dwellings is in line with Kingston at just over $245,000 making The County very affordable for our feeder markets of Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

As the 50+ group continues to grow, it’s expected that home-based employment will increase as semiretired residents seek lifestyles which allow them to work in footloose industries on a full-time or part-time basis. The County is also enjoying a renaissance of young professionals with families and young creative class workers migrating to the area seeking authentic living opportunities. This is beginning to balance out the population demographics, creating a truly dynamic and diverse environment.

Vacation Homes in The County

Prince Edward County is a popular destination for cottage-goers, and there is an ever-increasing number of vacation homes throughout the rgion.  This trend has been valuable to local development.  According to Statistics Canada reports of vacation home ownership in The County:

• Nine out of 10 vacation homes are owned by urban households
• The average age of a vacation home owner is 52 years
• 26% belong to households with children and 22% belong to seniors
• 52% are owned by couples without children and other household types