Things to Do

The County has one of the highest populations of seniors in Ontario. There are a number of activities and events in The County that are geared towards seniors, including: golf, curling, cycling, indoor and outdoor walking paths, boating, and more. With service clubs being pillars of The County community, there are a number of opportunities for seniors to get involved and to volunteer.

Age In Place 

Recognizing the needs of the aging population, the municipal Community Development Department came up with a concept known as Age In Place. Age In Place envisions a seniors community that encourages active living and continued community integration. The idea is to build an environment that allows seniors to transition into increasing levels of assisted living if and when additional support becomes necessary. The concept is on its way to becoming a reality. For latest information, visit the Age in Place section of the website. The Age In Place development is being built on the lands of H.J. McFarland Home for the Aged.

Specialized Transit 

Specialized Transit is available in Prince Edward County for seniors. Contracted through Quinte Access, Specialized transit provides door-to-door transit services to locations within The County and beyond. Eligible riders must first register and then schedule trips. Medical appointments take precedence over social trips. For more information, visit the Specialized Transit page.