By-law Enforcement

County of Prince Edward By-law Enforcement Services ensures compliance with our local by-laws and, in some cases, provincial regulations. By-law Enforcement Officers rely on public education to promote acceptable standards. We encourage (and offer assistance to) neighbours to work together to find solutions. We strive for compliance before enforcement.

By-law Services looks after:

Property Standards

The Property Standards By-law identifies and explains maintenance and occupancy standards for properties in Prince Edward County, and prohibits occupancy or use of property that does not comply with the standards listed in Property Standards By-law 4250-2018.

Grass Cutting

The Grass Cutting By-law identifies and explains standards for the maintenance of grass and weeds on private properties in Prince Edward County, as detailed in By-law 699-2001 - Grass Weeds.

Noise Abatement

The Noise Abatement By-law regulates and prohibits certain noise nuisances like music, construction and more, as detailed in By-law 900-2002 - Noise Nuisance and Amending By-law 2819-2011 - Noise Nuisance.

Taxicab and Limousine By-law

Taxi licences are issued by the County's By-law Department according to the Taxicab and Limousine By-law, which regulates and governs owners and operators of taxicabs and limousines. The By-law regulates fares while ensuring that taxis and limousines are operated and maintained in a safe, equitable and sanitary manner. For more information, see By-law 1757-2006 - Taxicab, visit the By-law Department at 280 Picton Main Street, second floor, or call 613.476.2148.‌

For a full list of fees associated with getting a taxicab licence, please view our Taxicab Licence Fees and Fare Rate.

Parking Enforcement

The Parking Enforcement By-law regulates and controls vehicle parking or stopping on highways, municipal land and private property as outlined in the County Parking By-law‌.


The zoning By-law regulates permitted uses on properties, as outlined in Comprehensive Zoning By-law No.1816-2006 (Updated October 25, 2019)‌. For more information on the application of the Comprehensive Zoning By-law, please visit our Planning Division page.

Skateboard and In-Line Skating

The Skateboard and In-Line Skating By-law regulates the use of inline skates and bicycles on public sidewalks and roadways for the safety and welfare of pedestrians. More information is available in By-law 1733-2006 - Skateboard In-Line Skate.

Mobile Canteens and Chip Wagons

The Mobile Canteens and Chip Wagon By-law licences and regulates mobile canteens (food trucks/carts), chip wagons and other refreshment vehicles.

To learn more about owning and operating a mobile canteen, please read the by-law‌.  

Download the Food Truck / Portable BBQ / Refreshment Vehicle Licence Application

If you have questions, please call us at 613.476.2148 extension 2046.


The Signs By-law regulates temporary and permanent signage, as detailed in By-law 1122-2003 – Signs and Amending Amending By-law 1978-2007 – Signs.  If you are interested in putting up new signage or renovating an existing sign, please visit our Building Division page for more information.

Other By-laws:

By-law 643-2001 – Littering and Amending By-law 1977-2007 – Littering

By-law 1976-2007 – Exotic Animals

By-law 742-2001 – Millennium Trail

By-law 3828-2016 Low Water Condition Water Restrictions (serviced areas) and By-law 3827-2016 Low Water Condition Water Restrictions (non-municipal water)