Donating an Artifact

The majority of acquisitions at the County Museums are through donation.

Artifacts accepted through donation must be specific to Prince Edward County, and could include:

  • Artifacts produced in Prince Edward County.
  • Artifacts related to historically important people, places and events.
  • Artifacts sold in Prince Edward County.
  • Artifacts used/owned in Prince Edward County.
  • Artifacts that were made, utilized, sold or imported prior to or after the mandated collection period may be collected if their provenance is seen as an asset to the collection.

Artifacts should be well documented and include:

  • Original owner and/or manufacturer.
  • Original use of the artifact.
  • History of the artifact.
  • Other details associated with the object.

Generally, photographs and historical documents are better suited for the Prince Edward County Archives. If you are interested in donating an artifact, please make an appointment with the Curator in advance.  The acceptance or refusal of an artifact is at the discretion of the Curator. Please refer to the Museums of Prince Edward County Collection Policy for more information. Tax receipts can be issued for artifact donations; however the artifact must have accompanying documentation verifying its current value from a reputable appraiser or expert. Once an artifact has been donated and a gift form signed, a transfer of ownership has been completed. Donors cannot request the return of donated artifacts. Donors absolutely and unconditionally give the property to the museum, after which the objects may be displayed, loaned, reproduced, retained or disposed of in such a manner as the museum may deem in its best interests. This is explicitly stated on the museums’ gift form. The museums have thousands of objects in their collections. Donating an artifact does not necessarily mean it will be on display. Typically, a museum exhibits 10% of their collections at any given time.