Business Retention and Expansion

In 2017, The County’s Community Development Department (CDD) undertook a business, retention, and expansion (BR+E) program for the health care and professional services sector. A BR+E involves conducting confidential interviews with businesses to gather insights into their needs, challenges, and opportunities for growth.

Included in the health care professions sector were physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and dentists, to name a few. The professional services sector included lawyers, accountants, architects, financial consultants, and many more.

BR+E programs are often conducted on a sector by sector basis, with updates to each sector taking place every few years. Through this process, CDD has received critical feedback and connected with business owners in person in order to help address any urgent matters they might be facing. CDD also compiled industry data specific to Prince Edward County.

A special thank you to members of the health care and professional services sector who partook in this vital initiative.‌

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